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Brakes For Less Story

Mr. Rodman Ross started in the automotive service field almost 40 years ago when his father introduced him to the business at the age of 19. At the time, he was a geo-physical draftsman and wanted to join the family business and be a part of the growing field of automotive services. Over time, the business grew and the family company was sold during the retirement of Rod’s father.
It was following this, that Rod was first introduced to the franchise industry with Meineke where he opened several locations of the growing franchise system. As Meineke grew, Rod opened and sold several locations of the Meineke franchise system successfully during which, he built and developed the most successful operating locations for the organization. In time, his grasp and understanding for the business model allowed him to build and develop his own automotive service business after franchise agreements had ended with Meineke.
The first version of Rod’s automotive business was successful but offered a wide range of services and types of automotive work to clients. This far-reaching service business soon helped Rod realize that the profitability of the business was not in offering all ends of auto services, but in specializing in specific work that could be scaled and could leverage economies by working on one part of the vehicle.
This was what lead to the founding of Brakes for Less – a business model that was defined by speed, efficiency, and profitability with a focus on one element of the customer’s vehicle. By doing one thing very well and with great levels of profitability, everyone involved in the transaction was happy and the business prospered. With this vision and newfound strategy, three locations were opened for the growing concept that has become Brakes for Less.